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The year 2023 is an important milestone marking two major developments in the history of cardiology. 2023 is the 45th anniversary of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), our present-day treatment of choice for heart attacks, which was performed for the first time by Dr. K. Peter Rentrop in 1978. PCI has substantially reduced the mortality of heart attacks and saved millions of lives worldwide. The second milestone is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the American Society for Nuclear Cardiology in 1993 in which Dr. Rentrop is a Founding Member.

Originally from Cologne, Germany, Dr. K. Peter Rentrop now calls New York home, a testament to his remarkable journey in Cardiology. Educated at renowned institutions in Germany and the United States, Dr. Rentrop’s academic pursuits culminated in completion of his Cardiology Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in 1973 laying the foundation for a lifetime of impactful contributions to the field of cardiology worldwide.  

Peter Rentrop

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